Rocky Mountain Clocks

Proprietor: Patrick L. Downey
2739 S Broadway
Englewood, CO 80110

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Clock Repair

We are the largest and oldest clock repair shop in Denver
We do all sorts of clock repair in our shop. From older than dust, to new in the box... we do it all.
All our work is garanteed, so you don't have to worry in case there is a problem.
We also do housecalls on Grandfather clocks. Just call us up and schedaul an appointment.

We give free estemates on repair. Just bring in the clock and we will take a look at it.

Here's a cute little ditty that might bring a smile!

Grandfather, Grandmother, weight, spring... we do it right, cause that's our thing.
Cuckoo, Mantel, Shelf, Wall... trust in us, we won't drop the ball!
Kitchen, Parlor, Regulator, Chest... our repair work is simply the best.
American, German, French, English... for better service, you need not wish!
Sweedish, Danish, Itallian, Russian... high quality is our mission!

-Only the Highest quality repairs are done in our shop.
-Every job has the highest priority and gets the well deserved attention that all clocks need.
-We Totally dissasemble and rebuild the clock movements from the ground up.
-Every single piece of the clock movement is hand finnished.
-If a new piece is needed, We can make it from scratch, from the most complicated gear to the simplest rivet.
-All worn holes are bushed with hardened bronze bushings.
-The axels are ground and polished by hand until perfect surface finish is achieved.
-The new bushings are individually sized by hand to fit the new polished surface of the axel pivots perfectly.
-Every clock movement is fully tested for a minimum of 2 full weeks to insure perfect working condition.