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The Kieninger clock factory was founded in 1912 by Joeseph Kieninger and is the oldest surviving clock movement and case maker in the world. Since 1917 the Company has been located in Aldingen Germany.
Since it's inception, Kieninger Clock company has strived to maintain the highest quality troughout all it's products.
Untill recently, its' limited production high quality cases were only availible in Europe. These Kieninger Clock Company clocks exceed in the highest quality and have the attention to detail that only the artisan in us can appriciate.

Howard Miller Clock Company bought out Kieninger Clock Company in 1993. Things seemed like they were going to change rapidly. In a brilliant business decision, Howard Miller Clock company decided to keep Kieninger Clock Company where it was and had been since it's inception, while moving some of the movement making equipment to the Uninted States. The rest of the company was left to make thier high quality clock cases and movements in Germany for the more decerning customer throughout the world.
The result was a more solvent, stronger Kieninger Clock Company able to make more drasticly artistic designs for thier future products.
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